System Demand

System Demand

The phases in a Bulk Gas System are determined based on discussions between the customer and the Aygaz Field Manager. The system is approved after the phases are completed to satisfy customer demands.

Steps for installing a Bulk Gas System are as follows:

  • The Aygaz Field Manager introduces the Bulk Gas System to the customer and learns about the customer’s expectations during the first meeting with the customer.  
  • After the first meeting, the Aygaz Field Manager surveys the area where the customer wants to install the system. In this survey, required information such as current fuel consumption and the heating capacity of the consumption devices is obtained from the customer, and the location where the bulk gas tank can be placed as well as the size of the tank is determined.
  • The obtained information is reviewed by Aygaz engineers, and after system parameters are determined, an offer is prepared and presented to the customer.
  • If the offer is accepted and signed, the system is installed and tested by Aygaz installation teams and delivered to the customer in working condition with the initial gas filling.