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What is the Aygaz Paro Card?

It is an Aygaz membership program that offers points, and discounts when you purchase Aygaz products. You can use your Aygaz card to start earning points right away with your Aygaz product purchases and enjoy exclusive and general promotions. You can enjoy Aygaz advantages using your Paro Aygaz Card, any Paro card or the phone number that you activated. Because Aygaz is a member of the Paro system, you can also use your Aygaz Paro Card in other companies that are Paro members.

What is Paro?

Paro is a world where the brands that care about you meet. It recognizes you, listens to you and offers you promotions and discounts that will meet your needs when you make a purchase with your Paro card. With its wide range of member brands, Paro can always offer a promotion that is right for you.

Paro Brands

Altunbilekler - Arçelik - Avis - Aygaz – Beko - Beta - Brooks Brothers - Divan - Edwards - Ford - Forever New – Happy Center - Koçtaş - Mogaz - Opet - Özhan Marketler - Pürsu - Setur - Yurtiçi Kargo - 1tı

Paro Advantages

Paro gives you access to brands offering advantages all in one place. It is there for you on special occasions such Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s and Birthdays with promotions just for you. You can take advantage of promotions and discounts and redeem the points in your account, which you collect as you shop on each purchase of brands that are a part of Paro World.

Please remember that the Paro card you carry or your cell phone number can be used for all Paro member brands.

Paro Cards Earn Extra

You can take advantage of Extra Paro Advantages at all member businesses with any Paro card!

Please remember to use your Paro card on each purchase to enjoy Paro advantages.

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How Can I Benefit From Aygaz Advantages?

There are two ways to benefit from Aygaz advantages:

• To sign up for an Aygaz Card, you can just request a card at Paro-member Aygaz dealers. You can also stop by Paro-member sales or service outlets where you see the Paro logo on the door. Or you can call the Aygaz Communication Line at 444 4 999 to ask for a card to be delivered to your address. The Aygaz card is only an advantage card and do not incur any costs such as annual membership fee, etc.

• You can also enjoy Aygaz advantages without owning a card, just by activating your cell phone.

How Is It Activated?

After activation, you can start using your Paro card, which you can get from any primary Paro brand sales or service outlet. Once you activate your card, you can use your phone number to enjoy all of the advantages of Paro world without having to carry your card with you. Click for activation

You must activate your card within at least 6 months to use your Aygaz Paro card and redeem your points. Otherwise, your card will be blocked. If your phone information changes, you can update it by calling the Aygaz Communication Line at 444 4 999.

How Can I Earn Points?

To earn points on your purchases with your Aygaz Card or another Paro card, you can just use your card or the phone number that you activated before you make your Aygaz product purchases.

If you do not want to give your phone number to the attendant, you can use the activation code that is sent to you when you activate your card. To receive your activation code again, you can just type UNUTTUM and send an SMS to 7276.

* In accordance with the Energy Market Regulatory Board’s decision 3007 dated June 2, 2011, Paropoints earned from LPG Bulk Gas purchases may only be used for LPG autogas purchases starting from January 31, 2011.

How Can I Spend Points?

While you are shopping, you can just give the attendant your activated Paro card, your phone number or your activation code before you pay to enjoy promotions and discounts offered by Paro-member brands and redeem the points that have accumulated in your account.

As of May 22, 2015, the points that have or will accumulate on purchases from Paro member businesses can only be redeemed at the sales/service outlets of that business.

Paro points that have accumulated from Opet, Aygaz, and Mogaz stations can only be redeemed on fuel purchases.

You can learn how many Paropoints you have accumulated from Aygaz businesses by calling the Aygaz Communication Line at 444 4 999 or visiting and navigating to the “My Account” section.