Human Resources Practices

Recruitment and Placement

The process of recruiting new employees into the company involves several stages: group interviews, case studies, presentations, English competency test, personality inventory and reference checks, with participation from all levels of management. After the selection stage, new employees undergo an orientation phase during which they learn about Koç Group and Aygaz Group.

Performance Management

The Performance Management System at Aygaz is based on specified objectives from upper management down to all employees. Employee performance is monitored with scorecards and evaluated using quantitative criteria. Results from the Performance Management System are used for determining wages, personal development planning and identifying management potential.

Training and Development Planning

Aygaz provides resources for the development of employees at all levels. A 360-degree skill evaluation system is used to measure employee competencies, and employee development planning is based on the results. Besides traditional classroom education, various methods and tools such as e-education, reading materials, outdoor education, rotations and projects are utilized. In addition, a special Sales Development Program was developed and implemented by Aygaz for the sales team.

Internal Communication

Aygaz prepares an annual Internal Communication Plan, which is kept up-to-date through feedback from the employees, and organizes events such as Executive Management Business Results Sharing Meetings, BizBize events, terrace breakfasts, visits to regions and facilities, service award ceremonies, department dinners, cultural trips, sports festivals, end of the year communications meeting, Turkish Music choir, social activity groups and similar activities.

Talent Management

Results of the annual performance and qualification assessments lead to the creation of a pool of employees with management potential. Subsequent Human Resources Planning Meetings examine backup plans, and potential candidates are provided with education and development opportunities to prepare them for the next open position. All open positions within the Koç Group are announced in the internal posting system, which allows for the lateral transfer or promotion of employees.

Compensation and Benefits

Aygaz uses a global job evaluation system that measures the contribution of all jobs to achieving corporate and provides a ranking of jobs based on their sizes. The competitive wage policy determined by the company’s current wage structure, market position, competitiveness and ability to pay are applied fairly without discrimination based on gender, language, religion, race. At Aygaz, employees receive 16 salaries (12 salaries+4bonuses) per year and all employees are offered a comprehensive set of standard benefits and benefits varying according to position. The remuneration of unionised employees is determined by collective bargaining agreements of MESS and Seafarer’s Union in accordance with the business area.


At Aygaz, several appreciation and reward systems are applied to encourage employees ensuring continuous improvement and commitment in line with company objectives and to motivate them for their successes and efforts. The rewards given at Aygaz include Outstanding Achievement Award, Service Award, En Başarılı Koçlular Award, Innovation Awards, Aygaz'ın Yıldızları Award, Invention Awards and situational rewards. In the scope of these appreciation and reward systems, behaviours and projects are rewarded when they create difference and added value in the following areas associated with company strategies and priorities:

a. Being human-focused
b. Adding value to environment and society
c. Developing others whilst developing the self
d. Embracing transformation, creativity, innovation and digitalisation
e. Running for results
f. Being collaborative
g. Being customer-focused

Employee Satisfaction

As a testament to the importance it places on its employees, Aygaz has been conducting certain research since 1996 in order to measure employee satisfaction and engagement. Research results are analysed in department workshops called BİZ that all managers organise with their own teams to create action plans for improvements.

Compensation Policy for Employees

Severance Pay: Personnel whose contract is terminated due to one of the situations that requires the payment of severance specified in the provisions of current article 14 of Labor Law 1475, which was abrogated by Labor Law 4857 and who have worked at least one year at our company, or the legal heirs if the personnel is deceased, shall be paid based on the personnel’s length of service and salary in accordance with articles 14, 24 and 25 of the law.

Notice pay: Article 17 of Labor Law 4857 is applied to notice pay. Therefore, notice pay is paid to the worker in cash, or it may be used by giving the worker leave to look for work by notifying them that the job contract will be terminated within the periods specified based on the worker’s seniority.

Work Health and Safety

Aygaz pays an excessive attention to issues regarding occupational health and safety. Aygaz aims to protect all Human Resources within the company against occupational accidents and occupational diseases by applying preventive approach, establishing occupational safety culture through work safety trainings prioritised in the corporate training plans.