What is Bulk Gas?

Bulk Gas is a way of using LPG where it is transported to the consumer via trucks or tanks and is stored by the consumer in tanks. Bulk Gas is a common way of using LPG products.

In Every Area Where You Need Energy
Bulk Gas can be used in various industrial processes such as generating hot water and steam, heat treatment, drying, soldering, welding and cutting. Bulk Gas can meet all of the energy needs of households such as heating, cooking and hot water, and it can be used for similar purposes in the tourism industry. Additionally, Bulk Gas is also used as a propellant gas in the aerosol industry when treated with a special process. This product, which is also referred to as aerosol grade LPG, is also widely used to blow up raw materials in the plastic packaging and insulation material manufacturing industry. EVERYTHING ABOUT BULK GAS DOWNLOAD

What is aerosol?

Aerosol products are defined as pressurized products such as deodorant, shaving cream, air freshener, insecticide (pesticide), lubricating sprays, foam, spray paint, etc. that contain propellants and can, with the propellant, spray the product they contain, and the industry that manufactures these products is called the aerosol industry.

While the gases used in the manufacture of aerosols were initially CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gases, use of these gases was restricted in the 1980s due to the damage they cause to the ozone layer and completely prohibited in the 1990s. It was found that LPG is an alternative propellant that can provide the spray characteristics required for aerosol without interacting with the product in the can, so specifically manufactured LPG subjected to special processing began to be used around the world in the aerosol industry as aerosol LPG (odouless LPG).

In Turkey, CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gases were initially used to produce aerosol but after the restrictions were imposed, Aygaz (Mogaz) was the first company to produce and distribute LPG in 1989. In the legislation, the name of the product was later defined as “Standardized LPG suitable for use in aerosol production”.

Aygaz has the greatest capacity in terms of production, storage and transportation thanks to the production and storage facilities at Yarımca and Dörtyol, and its large distribution fleet.